Peerform Consolidation Loan Program

An invitation only loan program to help select borrowers consolidate outstanding credit card balances.

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What is the Peerform Consolidation Loan Program?

The Peerform Consolidation Loan Program offers a fixed-rate Consolidation Loan which can be used to pay off high interest credit card debts. Qualified borrowers can borrow $10,000 to $35,000 to pay off their credit card debt.


● Lower interest costs and get you out of debt faster A Consolidation Loan could have a lower interest rate than your high interest credit cards, allowing you to save on interest costs so you can pay off higher-interest debt faster. Plus, the interest rate on your credit card can change, whereas our loans are fixed-rate. Your monthly payments will be predictable, and less interest may save you money over time. ● Simplify your finances Managing multiple credit card payments and your monthly bills takes time. It can be easy to miss a credit card payment and accumulate late fees. Our Consolidation Loan can help you to save time by making one convenient payment instead of having to make multiple credit card payments each month, ending the cycle of high interest credit card debt. ● No Prepayment Fees You can always pay off your loan early – there’s no prepayment fee.

How It Works

To consolidate debt with a Consolidation Loan, first you need to determine the amount you owe. Next, submit a Consolidation Loan application and request that amount. If approved, you can use it to pay off your creditors.Applying is easy, and it may save you money over time. If you received an e-mail inviting you to apply and submit a completed application, Peerform will provide you with your rate in minutes. Once you are pre-approved, your loan will be listed for funding by our investors.

1. Register
The simple online registration process takes only a few minutes to complete.
2. Select Your Loan
Once your borrowing needs and your financial profile are reviewed, you may be offered a selection of Consolidation Loan alternatives. You choose which loan terms are best for you.
3. List Your Consolidation Loan
Your loan inquiry is listed on the Peerform marketplace platform.
4. Verify Your Information
To help fight fraud and protect your personal information, you will be asked to provide documents that verify your identity.