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Peer to Peer Medical Loans

The Personal Healthcare Debt Crisis

Medical debt is the most stressful of all. It does not always come by choice and usually hits you at the worse time. Even if the procedure is elective, you still may find yourself shocked by the final bill or be unprepared to cover the costs of the procedure in a timely fashion. The bills add up quickly and without warning.

Peerform medical financing loans

If you find yourself staring at a pile of medical bills for both elective and non-elective surgery and other medical services that you have received, a Peerform peer-to-peer medical loan can help you.

  • ❖ Peerform medical financing loans require an easy application process that you can complete online.

  • ❖ We understand your financial distress. We engage a completely unique system for assessing your credit worthiness, not relying solely on your FICO score.

Medical Expenses Personal Loans

❖ We will strive to get you funding as quickly as possible and access to your money via your selected bank account. Peerform loans can cover your medical expenses and save you the extra heartache of worrying about funding your health needs.

Medical debt can ruin your credit rating

Even if you have been careful in every area of your financial life: you pay your bills on time, keep your credit card expenditures at a modest level, put aside toward retirement and have an emergency savings fund it does not matter. When a catastrophic medical event enters your life, you can find yourself completely devastated: savings and retirement wiped out, credit card bills to the ceiling, high-interest loans from banks and still you cannot pay your medical bills. Your FICO score plunges and the medical debt collectors are hounding you day and night.

The Peerform Advantage
  • Fast decision

  • Wide range of borrower eligibility

  • Application is free

  • Process is simple

  • No collateral

  • No hidden fees

  • Quick transfer of funded loans

  • Competitive rates

  • Unique approach to accessing creditworthiness

According to a US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau study, many consumers have no idea that their medical debt is in collections, until they receive a phone call from the collection agency, or they happen to review their credit report. The study found that more than half of the debt reported to be in collection is medical debt, causing credit scores to fall, making the person less likely to qualify for loans, mortgages or even a job.

A lowered credit score means that you are forced to take out a higher-interest loan than someone with a better credit rating. This is in spite of the fact that the Consumer Protection Bureau found that individuals with medical debt were more likely to make their loan payments than those with other debts, meaning that they are actually a better credit risk.

This is why the Peerform marketplace platform is the place to come because we are aware of these factors and know that your FICO is only one aspect of your creditworthiness. Our mission is to help you climb out of your debt, not to make it more onerous, or penalize you with higher interest rates and unexpected fees.

Elective procedures are costly and time-sensitive

Elective procedures are not necessary to keep you alive, but they can be very important for your emotional health and quality of life. Elective procedures include: infertility treatments, cosmetic surgeries, laser vision correction, dental implants, hip replacement surgery, among others. Since they are considered to be “elective” your insurance carrier is not likely to cover or to cover only a small percentage of the total costs.

If you do not have the money on hand, you may feel forced to delay these important procedures. With a Peerform loan, you can take care of the procedure now and get on with your life as quickly as possible. Our loans come with competitive, low-interest rates and can be repaid over 3 years, in affordable installments automatically deducted from your account.

Medical debt can force you into bankruptcy

A medical financing loan from Peerform can help you recover from the devastating impact of medical debt.

If you are forced to add medical care debt to all the other debt you may be holding, such as credit card debt, student loans, mortgages, or car loans, you may find yourself in bankruptcy. A Peerform loan allows you to consolidate your debt including any medical expenses and pay it back over a period of three years at a very reasonable rate (APR).

We want to help you stay out of bankruptcy. A Peerform medical loan can help to cover your medical bills, help you protect your credit rating and bring much needed relief to an already stressful situation.

The Peerform lending platform was created by people who want to help you.

We know that medical debt is not the result of poor fiscal management. Hard working responsible Americans like you suddenly find yourselves in a story you never imagined. Here is a typical one: You wake up with back pain, go to the doctor, they prescribe pain pills, you think this is the solution, the pain gets worse, another trip to the doctor reveals a fast-moving bone marrow cancer. You suddenly find yourself facing astronomical medical expenses that wipe out your entire savings, emergency fund, and retirement plans. Several specialists are needed, none of which are covered by your health insurance plan. In the end, you find yourself with tens of thousands of dollars in physicians and hospital bills that are impossible to cover.

Peer to Peer Loans For Hospital Bills Debt

Where to turn? Peerform Medical Loans

Apply for a Peerform medical financing loan. Peerform loans can help you avoid bankruptcy and the stress of debt collectors so you can focus your energy on healing.

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