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Personal Loans for Moving & Relocation

While moving to a new location and home is exciting and ripe with potential, it can also be highly stressful and challenging. In addition to the stress, there are also the financial burdens that accompany the whole move.

To help cover the expenses of relocation, a quick, easy Peerform loan is the right solution.

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Moving or Relocation Loans

To get started, let’s consider the actual costs involved in a move.

Moving and Relocation Budget

Here at Peerform we strongly suggest you sit down and budget for the relocation instead of just accumulate costs on the fly. By using a moving cost calculator, which is available online, you will be able to estimate the costs of your move. This in turn will allow you to preplan costs, budgets and cut costs where possible.

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There are many factors that affect the cost of relocating and such as if you are moving out of state, which is going to be much more expensive than a cross-town move. Other factors that affect the cost of moving include how much of the work is being done by professionals and the weight of all your belongings. Online calculators let you enter your location, destination and approximate weight of your shipment.

You can save money by moving yourself, but this takes time and a lot of sweat and toil. If you have a busy job or family responsibilities, a self-move really does not make much sense and the money that you might save by not hiring a professional moving company will be balanced out by the hours you lose from work and the exhaustion you will feel by the time you arrive at your new home.

If you do choose to hire professionals, you still have opportunities to trim down the costs by doing some of the work yourself, such as the packing.

You have 3 options and your budget in each case is going to highly differ:

  • Pack everything yourself, rent a moving truck and hire workers to load and unload.

  • Pack everything yourself, but hire a company to load, drive and unload at the new destination.

  • Hire a professional moving company and leave everything in their hands.

Option 1 is proving to be pretty popular according to moving company officials. Under this scenario, it does not matter how far you are moving. You hire workers to load up at your original location and a different team of workers to unload at your destination. Workers charge a flat fee for a certain number of hours, and if they go over, then you pay by the hour for the additional work. You need to buy your own packing materials and pay for the moving truck. Moving trucks typically rent by the day, with no extra charge for mileage. If it is a long-distance move, be sure to add to your moving costs meals, gas and overnight lodging.

The second option is more expensive, and you still need to buy all the packing materials and do the packing yourself.

A full service move is the most expensive. How much it will cost you varies by where you live—if you are located in the big cities of the East or West Coasts, it is going to cost more. Other variants include: the time of year of your move, i.e., summer is the most expensive, how much there is to pack up and load onto the truck, and the distance you are traveling. The moving company you hire will come to examine your belongings and provide you with a quote.

Other Moving Costs

Moving all your belongings is only one part of your budget, whether moving out of state or across town. Other expenses include:

  • Paying all your final bills.

  • Cleaning and making any necessary repairs to the home you are leaving

  • Deposits and fees required at your new residence

  • Hotel stays during the trip and meals on the road

  • Moving insurance

A Peerform loan for moving and relocation is key to your success to covering all of these expenses.

With a Peerform personal loan for moving expenses you avoid:

  • Higher credit card interest rates and fees

  • Difficult application procedures and lengthy delays

  • Sleepless nights and heartburn

The Peerform online loan application process is easy, takes only a few minutes, there are no hidden fees, and you will know quickly if and for how much you qualify. You will have your money in time for moving day.
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