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Wedding Financing

Need help financing your dream wedding?

You're not alone. With a wedding being a big expense that can easily reach $30,000, more couples are getting help to cover the Big Day's expenses than ever before. In fact, 36% of couples pay for their weddings with personal loans or credit.(Source)

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Wedding Financing Options

Credit Card

In order to fund your wedding, you may be tempted to pull out the plastic and put costly down payments on a credit card. As the expenses pile up and interest and late payment fees compound, you may find yourself in debt that could not only wreak havoc on your credit score, but more importantly, your marriage - the very journey all that cash was meant to celebrate! Many financial experts strongly advise against extending lines of credit and the usage of credit, in general, for major expenses like a wedding. It could be the quickest way to find yourself in deep, insurmountable debt.


More couples are choosing to pay for their weddings on their own by dipping into their savings, a viable option for those who can afford it. But for cash-strapped couples, beginning married life with no savings safety net is an uphill challenge. To accommodate budgets, couples paying on their own are often cutting back on amenities and costs, or extending engagements in order to save. With a typical engagement period clocking in at 14 months, waiting 6, 12, or even 18 months longer to tie the knot is simply untenable for most couples.

Borrowing from Family

Financing a wedding used to be the lucky parents' problem. Not anymore. After footing the bill for most of their kids' lives, parents expect their adult children to handle their own monetary affairs, including the cost of a wedding. While parents may be happy to help chip in, many couples are hesitant to ask for assistance from parents, especially when that assistance comes at the cost of taking out equity lines of credit against their homes or other essential property.

Bank Loans

Your bank may be all too happy to give you a giant loan to help finance your wedding. But that loan can come with plenty of strings. Like regular personal bank loans, wedding loans from a typical bank may carry with them exorbitant interest rates, repayment penalties and hidden fees, the requirement of good to excellent credit history, and collateral, for secured loans. For many couples, a bank loan seems like a quick fix to solving cash problems, but like credit cards, if you are unable to repay on time, you may find yourself in overwhelming debt with destroyed credit.

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