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Peer-To-Peer Wedding Loans

Wedding planning giving you nightmares?

You are deep into wedding planning mode preparing for the happiest day of your life and the nightmares are starting to enter the picture. No-not over the in-laws, but over the money you will need to shell out! By the time you add up all the costs—the place, the ring, the dress, food, music, honeymoon—you are ready to consider eloping. Instead of having a fun and romantic day that you are dreaming about, you are worrying about how you will pay for it all. The choices are bleak: put it on the charge card and deal with sky high interest rates, apply for a loan from unfriendly lenders, or face the consequences of an empty bank account and start life together with no savings.

Peer to Peer Wedding Day Loans

Peerform - a marketplace lending platform aims to simplify your life

The Peerform Advantage
  • Fast decision

  • Wide range of borrower eligibility

  • Application is free

  • Process is simple

  • No collateral

  • No hidden fees

  • Quick transfer of funded loans

  • Competitive rates

  • Unique approach to accessing creditworthiness

The Peerform marketplace platform aims to simplify your life. We cater to borrowers like you who may not have the best credit scores but truly still deserve a loan. We offer a streamlined process so that you will have your personal wedding loan as quickly as possible.

Peerform loans are different:

We utilize a wide range of criteria to determine your eligibility for a loan which increases your chances of being approved;

We process your application as quickly as possible (we average around 2 business days);

You don’t need collateral and our fees are low;

You have access to the money quickly in your selected bank account so you can move forward with covering your financial needs.

When you work with the Peerform marketplace platform you are engaging with people. We are happy to help you enjoy these beautiful events in your life.

Personal wedding loan

A wedding is a big expense that can reach $30,000 easily and cost even more depending upon where you live. This does not include the honeymoon. So, we’re speaking about a significant amount of money. A personal wedding loan obtained through the Peerform lending platform can help you with all of these expenses.

Typical wedding budget

Venue, Catering and Entertainment: This is going to eat up the largest part of your wedding budget. You have to feed the guests and you want to make the event something that they will enjoy and remember. The décor, entertainment, food, gifts, flowers, etc. are all important components of your wedding budget. You are looking at around $16,000 for this budget item alone.

The wedding dress: On average, you can expect to spend roughly $1,200 for the wedding dress.

Photographer/Videographer: Everyone is using video these days, but the traditional photographer has not been discarded. Most couples opt for both. On average, this will be around $2,400.

Rings: You do not need to spend a lot of money on your wedding bands. Probably a lot was already invested in the engagement ring, which by the way if you are just at this stage—the engagement, and you don’t have the cash, then you may want to explore the option of obtaining a quick Peerfrom personal loan to help you buy that beautiful engagement ring. On average, an engagement ring will cost you $5,000+. Wedding bands can be simple and should cost you no more than $600 for the pair.

How to pay for everything

Maybe you have the cash in the bank to cover all your wedding costs. But, do you really want to start out your marriage with empty accounts? What you need is a quick personal loan to help you cover your wedding costs. Obtaining a loan from a conventional source is frustrating, complicated and time consuming. It can take weeks before the money is available to you. Credit cards are an option, but the fees and interest they charge will cause you to be paying back the loan for years to come.

With the Peerform lending platform, you can obtain a quick personal loan to cover your entire wedding budget.

The Peerform marketplace can help you

Peerform is here to help you. Traditional lenders hold a rigid line when it comes to determining eligibility. They focus on very few factors other than your FICO score. We look beyond your FICO score to determine if you are eligible for a loan. We developed a unique algorithm—the Peerform Analyzer—to assess your ability for a loan.

Peer to Peer Wedding Loans

With the Peerform Analyzer we are able to assess many more criteria when considering your eligibility, which may translate into much lower APRs and more loan applications approved.

Peer-to-peer honeymoon loan

Honeymoons, like the wedding itself, can cost a lot of money. It depends upon your personal desires: how much luxury do you desire, does it have to be an exotic location, how long, etc. On average couples are spending approximately $4,000 for a romantic, simple honeymoon. With a Peerform honeymoon loan, you can relax, knowing that when you return home, you are not going to be facing a pile of credit card bills.

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Your wedding planning will have its share of challenges, how you are going to pay for everything should not be one of them. With a Peerform personal wedding loan, you can toss out the worries and concentrate on the fun. Peerform loans are your best source for getting the money you need to enjoy the wedding you dream of.

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